28 August

Personal Deception

Emotions are a basic and integral part of our lives and yet most people do not understand its significance or the art of using them to our benefit. Of the …

30 July

Neuro- Coaching feedback

 In May 2019 I decided to attend the Neuro- Coaching course facilitated by Lusa Social Entrepreneurship Institute.  I would firstly like to thank Veronica for the informative life changing course …

22 April

Neuro Coaching

Lusa SEI trained 7 Life Health Care nursing college managers from across South Africa in Neuro coaching.

22 April

Create your own happiness

Every life is a tapestry of choices and the quality of our life depends, to a surprising extent, on the quality of the choices you make. From the moment you …

23 January

A new year, A new YOU

So 2019 is already well on its way and you haven’t taken time to set your intentions for the year. It’s never too late. Take some time out and use …

23 January

Neuro Coaching Skills Course

  REFERENCE LETTER WITH REGARDS TO SERVICE DELIVERY FOR COACHING SERVICES   On 23 and 24 October 2018 I underwent coaching through the Lusa Social Entrepreneurship Institute  on Realising Potential. …