ECD Development
19:00 July 5, 2021 to 19:00 July 30, 2021

In-take to be confirmed

ECD centre managers are required to show NQF 5 competency pertaining to operating and managing ECD centres. This ECD development training provides participants with the knowledge and skill required to prepare adequate programs for ensuring school readiness of young learners at the centres, whilst concurrently understanding their context within their community. The additional Gr8 start programme offers valuable practical learning to the participants.

Lusa Community Chest is a service provider for Brainwave Projects653 (Pty) Ltd facilitating their Ready, Steady Learn program to early childhood educators. This program provides foundational training that enables the educators to better implement and manage an Early Childhood development (ECD) program that prepares young learners for school.

The programs explores activities that equip teachers to stimulate, develop and test the social, emotional and physical intelligence of young children. It enables teachers to monitor and evaluate motor development, hearing and listening skills, eye movements and visual processes as well as the gross motor and fine motor skills in pre-school children to prepare for and ensure school readiness. The educators are empowered with skills to use recyclable materials for creating teaching aids and testing instruments to enhance their classroom activities.

The facilitation of the Ready, Steady Learn program occurs over 5 days as a hands-on, practical and interactive course during which early childhood educators are up-skilled with the tools and techniques required to implement and manage an effective ECD program. In addition the programs assists the early childhood educators to better understand the vital role they play in developing well balanced, school ready children by creating an environment conducive to learning.