Moving from finite to infinity

I often find myself in awe of our amazing Universe and the expanse of it. The fact that we cannot determine how big it is and the uncertainty of what really exists outside of our own “little” galaxy. Something that totally blows my mind is the concept of space. The distance between stars and how long it will take for us to go beyond our own solar system. How long it takes for light to travel and how time is an elusive concept that governs our very existence.

Then I think of the space between molecules and how amazingly vast that is. Space so big and yet not visible to the naked eye or even most microscopes. How many people spend their lives studying dark matter, quantum theories and time and after decades of searching still don’t have more than theories to support their thinking.

At least they are thinking and trying to understand what other people take for granted. This leads me to the space that truly blows my mind. The grey matter between our ears. A jelly like substance filled with neurons that are able to not only help us survive but also help us to grow beyond our wildest dreams. The space within our minds allows us to travel to far off places in an instant, it can turn a finite object into infinite possibilities. In the blink of an eye, we can travel back in time to memories we’ve stored and we can dream of a future no one else can imagine.
With infinite possibilities, creativity and imagination we can dream up worlds and experiences that inspire and define us, yet often the worlds and experiences we create are not inspiring at all.

It seems that human beings often revel in misery and love contemplating disaster. This brings to mind the saying that, “whatever you believe you can or you can’t, you are right”.
So what do we do with the space in our minds. How do we populate the worlds we form and the empires we build? I am afraid that when we look at the results of our thinking in the world, something is off. Maybe it is because the empires we build have foundations of needs and not foundations seeded in principles and values.

It seems we fill our space with trivial and mediocre thoughts that have no lasting value and that ultimately prevent us from reaching our full potential. Only a small part of our brain (grey matter) is used by our mind and we are only now discovering that our mind and neurons include our heart and gut. Understanding that our minds are not limited to our brains is as difficult to understand as a concept like eternity.
So many things in nature defy logic and reasoning and even natural laws. It is like the humble bee that is theoretically not supposed to be able to fly, yet no one told the bee. How many times have people achieved impossible dreams just because they thought it to be possible?
What if we could fill the space in our dreams with thoughts that bring hope to a struggling world and faith in the truth that we were created for a bigger purpose than to just live for ourselves. How amazingly wonderfully our world and our lives will be transformed when we imagine a world without hate and strife. Creating our thoughts to be filled with life, love and purpose is the first conquest for the human race. The reality is that we are so focused on conquering space that our ambition and our need for significance blind us to the fact that we can only achieve it when our minds are aligned to our values and our purpose.

What if we could redefine our priorities and instead of trying to dominate, we rather embrace understanding. What if ……

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