The pattern of self-destruction

It always amazes me how we as intelligent human beings can willingly harm ourselves without giving it a second thought.
Whether it is emotional or physical damage, to the mind it is all the same. How is it possible that we would entertain behavior and even relationships that are truly damaging to our souls?

I have pondered about this phenomenon and have realized that we are often so full of pride and arrogance that we see ourselves as invincible. We bite of more than we can chew but the results are not always immediate. For a little while we believe we are right and that we will be able to get away with it, not realizing that we have already sealed our fate.

We join with our enemy and fall in a pattern of self-destruction. We underestimate our nemesis and think that we can handle it all and that we are stronger than the temptation or the addiction or even the prideful need.

Sometimes we are so blind that we cannot recognize the enemy even when they are in plain sight. The story of Samson comes to mind. How many times was he betrayed by foreign women who only wanted him dead. Yet he purposely chose to get into bed with them. He believed he was invincible and paid the ultimate price. In the end he understood who and what his enemy was and decided to destroy it before he sacrificed himself. If only he would have seen his enemy earlier and realized how dangerous the deception was, maybe he would have been able to stay away.
When we obtain something or join with something that we cannot handle or manage, we are in deep trouble. We need to have a spirit of gratitude, humility and innocence in order to learn. A prideful and arrogant spirit not only steals our growth but also our faith and our ability to learn and prosper.

Ultimately what we thought we wanted and needed, was the one thing we could not afford to integrate into our lives and maybe this is the problem. Maybe we don’t want to hear that we should not or could not dance with the devil.
One thing is for sure, if we underestimate our enemy of pride, lust, addiction or selfish needs, we will pay the price. Staying humble, being grateful, seeking the truth are attitudes that can save us. Asking the right questions can help us to die to the old ways of thinking that sabotage our growth and success. Unfortunately, not everyone is open to hearing that they are wrong, and this prideful thinking is the weapon our enemy uses every time to take us down.

When will we ever learn?

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