Travel Light

When you prepare to climb Mount Everest or walk the Fish River Canyon you have to travel light. Every gram you have to carry becomes a painful burden when you are at the end of your strength and wits.

When all that stands between you and your goal is weight, people often don’t think twice about discarding even previously perceived essential belongings. We have heard of cargo ships that will throw their precious cargo into the sea if a storm becomes life threatening in order to save the ship and the lives on board.

How interesting that we so often choose to travel through life with emotional burdens dragging us down, stealing our joy, peace, energy and hope. We cling to these emotions as if they are life rafts not wanting to let go of the bitterness, hate and sorrow because somehow they have become part of us. These feelings of betrayal and rejection that often consume us become part of our identity and the mere thought of letting them go feels like a betrayal to a part of ourselves.

We will foolishly justify why we need them in our lives and refuse to face the truth. Our need for these negative emotions are in fact our justification for not taking responsibility for our future and our happiness. We would rather spend our days unhappy and blame others for it, than actually choose life, freedom and happiness and make it true for ourselves.
This lie we live, that we are ultimately victims of other people’s design, is such a trap and we willingly stay in the mud because the alternative simply feels to alien to our own current way of being.

If you want to reach the top of Everest, you will have to start visualizing yourself on the summit. The only way to lose the weight that is dragging you down is to actually believe that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. In order to lead different lives, we need to become different people. That means leaving the victim behind. Embracing a new way of being and moving forward without all the baggage of the past that is holding you back.

How do you do it?
You acknowledge that you are holding onto negative emotions from the past that are no longer serving you. You acknowledge that you do have limiting beliefs about yourself and others. You acknowledge that you are disempowering yourself and you acknowledge that you want something better for yourself.

You decide what you want to achieve. You decide how you will move forward. You decide to get help to heal and you decide who you want to be in the future.

You let go of whatever burden you have been carrying with you all this time. You let go of your limiting beliefs and negative emotions from years gone by. You let go and you travel light.
Letting go is an amazingly liberating feeling that truly sets you free. Would you rather go down with your cargo or would you instead let go of what no longer serves you and move forward? Are you ready to embrace a new identity, a new way of being that no longer sits in the mud but one that transforms and inspires everyone and everything around you?
Picture yourself on the summit, plan your ascent, practice daily and never look back. Travelling light is the best way to truly live life. We came naked into this world, how are you planning to leave it?

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