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I had the privilege of spending time this weekend with family and nat ure. I was inspired by the beauty and splendour of it all. Relationships with people who love you unconditionally, people who you know will support you no matter what. It makes you appreciate the importance of connectedness and it made me realize that we do not always value these connections as we should. To have this feeling of belonging and acceptance is not something money can buy, neither are those quiet special moments in nature when you know you are part of something bigger than yourself. The beauty of the veld, the trees, the birds and the animals were all created for our joy and benefit and yet we seldom take the time or the opportunity to soak in it.
Being present in the moment and enjoying the beauty of it all and feeling grateful for being able to observe and be part of it, is truly what makes life worth living. I sometimes feel sad, hungry, and tired because we do not feed our souls as we should on a daily basis. We get so busy with work and goals and earning that we forget that all the good things in life are actually free.
I saw this poem from Alan Seele and it resonated with me. I would like to share it with you, maybe it will resonate with you too.

When your heart takes over
by Alan Seele
Life sometimes stops me in my tracks.
I’m going about my own business,
I’m focused on my own agenda,
when suddenly,
out of the corner of my eye,
something captures my attention.
This time, it’s a great blue heron
standing perfectly still
in the edge of the pond.

I pause to watch him
just for a moment, and
then I start to move on.
Because I am, after all,
going about my business.
Except that I don’t move on.
The great blue heron won’t let go of me.
So, I let myself linger just a bit longer.
And then
my “business”
tugs at me to continue on my path.
I turn my body to walk away, yet
once again, my feet won’t seem to move.
This time, my heart won’t let them.
In this moment,
my heart doesn’t seem to
care about my agenda.
Right now,
my heart has its own agenda.
It wants to be fed.
So, I linger
a little longer.
And then evenlonger.
And then my heart says:
Why don’t you sit for a while?
Put down your agenda.
Your “business” will wait.
Here is beauty.
Here is stillness.
It’s what you’ve been longing for.
And so, I sit.
My heart takes over;
the call of my “business” somehow
loses its power.
I’m watching it happen.
It’s like my heart is
seducing my head.
How can my heart be so convincing?
How is it that I give in so easily?
Maybe, just maybe,
it’s because
right now,
this moment
with the heron
is what
really matters.

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