Windows of the Soul

There is a well-known scripture that says our eyes are the windows to our souls.
We are currently living in a world where common sense is quickly becoming a scarce commodity. People are operating out of survival mode and the scarcity mentality is a default setting in many people’s minds. Talks of injustice and human rights are high on the agenda and very few people nowadays have anything good to say about our future.

This situation begs the question, What went wrong? It is truly a constant quest to understand how we got to this point – where nothing is good enough and having enough is never truly enough.

I still remember the days when we were happy when we received second hand clothes from our older siblings or cousins and when 3 pairs of shoes were more than sufficient. Today we look at 20 pairs of shoes in our cupboards and don’t think we have anything good enough to wear.
How did we come to this point?

A hundred years ago, people did not have automobiles. They had to walk or travel by horse if they were lucky enough to own one. People did not have electricity or running water in their homes. Going to school was a privilege and corruption was a scandal and something to be ashamed of. Communication was difficult and it sometimes took months to hear back from loved ones that were far away.

But, people had a strong sense of community. They had respect for each other and understood the value of good morals and values. Self-respect was the norm and gratitude for opportunities and work was an unspoken rule.

How did the windows of our souls became so polluted and so dark? Is it perhaps that we do not appreciate what we have? Is it that we don’t respect ourselves and others anymore? It is that we are consumed with getting more than with giving?.

How do we break free from the mindset of scarcity, corruption and violence?
I believe we can start by focusing on everything we can be grateful for. The privilege of improving yourself by reading great books, a lot of them are free on Internet. Going back to what the scriptures teach about kindness and goodness and wisdom. Getting up off the floor and dusting of the dust of despair, blame, shame and hate and choosing a new way of seeing. If we want to change our souls, we need to adjust our sight. What do we search for, what are we focusing on, what do we want to see in our lives and the lives of our children?

Blaming others will not bring light to our own darkness. The only way to bring light into our own shadows is to behold the light. To lift up our eyes and to look for truth and wisdom and love. These things can set us free while their opposites keep us in bondage and poverty.
We don’t need new landscapes; we need new eyes to see all the opportunities, to see all that we should be grateful for. I often wonder what our grandparents would say if they were to look at the world through our eyes. They would probably say … open your eyes and see what you have and stop focusing on what you don’t have. You have way more resources, opportunities and knowledge than we ever had.

Starting a gratitude list is a good way to start your day. It helps us to be grateful for everything we do have and for all the opportunities that are available to us each day. When we open our eyes to these things, our souls become lighter and we can move forward in hope and with purpose.
Let us start opening our eyes and be grateful so that we can be ready when opportunity and abundance present itself to worthy stewards.

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